Tuesday, March 25, 2008

She's Dead

Another lush yet grim ballad, one that catches the band in something of a transitional period. The execution is more expert than something like “Little Girl (With Blue Eyes),” yet we’re not quite in the polished, near-bombastic territory of, say, “Sylvia.” The band’s not at the point yet where they can afford a real string section, but the synthesized backing just makes the song more poignant, symbolic of something that’s nearly obtainable, but just out of reach. Herein, Jarvis mourns over a broken relationship so thoroughly that it doesn’t matter to him whether she is in fact deceased or just out of his life. It’s all the same to him at this point.

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musicinpieces said...

You've pinpointed something here about 'synthesized backings' that I've always felt - the poignancy of falling short of the real deal, particularly when it has some sort of thematic relation to the music, can be very powerful. It's something Pulp deployed to great effect.