Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is This House?

I normally don’t really talk about Pulp remixes here – for one, they’re not very well-regarded. Also, I really know just about nothing about dance music. But since this remix of “This House is Condemned” is given a different title, it seems worth treating as a separate entity. Helmed by Sheffield house-music DJs Parrot and Winston, “Is This House?” is also a centerpiece of a witty scene from the recent, Pulp-centric music documentary The Beat is the Law. Check out the clip here, with commentary from the two DJs, as well as Jarvis, Russell, Candida and Nick.

As for the track itself, it sounds pretty dated, but effectively spooky, especially the weird treatment on Russell’s voice, making it sound like a choppy, distant transmission. It reminds me of the late-‘90s glitch craze, which wound up influencing Radiohead’s Kid A pretty significantly.

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